All of these can be found on the Events Calendar.
In order to get a spot, sign up and we'll send you an email with registration info.

  • Fondos, centuries, and races
    As part of being a Peloton Club member, you'll get free entry into one* of the fondos, centuries, or races we have listed on our Events Calendar. Whether you want to tackle the hills of the East Bay on the Grizzly Peak Century, do some mixed terrain adventure on one of the Grasshoppers out of Occidental, or decide to go full-on dirt and tackle the Annadel XC race, we hope you'll find something challenging and fun to ride. Once you sign up for one of these events through this Peloton Club site, we'll send you an email with registration info.

    *Podium Club members get two free entries
  • Peloton Club Rides (PCRs)
    We started doing PCRs last year as an encouragement to get riders exploring other areas Northern California that they had perhaps never been. The beauty of these rides is that all the logistics (the food, water, routes, ride leaders, etc.) are all figured out so you just have to show up and ride. We'll be doing two types of PCRs this year: Classic and Adventure. If you're curious about the Three Bears Loop or Old La Honda or Morgan Territory, then sign up for one of the Classics. If you're feeling a little more frisky and want to go somewhere that you didn't even know existed, buckle down and get on one of the Adventure ones. Peloton Club members and their friends can sign up for as many of these as they'd like!
  • Industry Visits
    Whether you're looking to get blown around in the Wind Tunnel at Specialized, shred around on the trails the Bronson was designed for down in Santa Cruz, or see how the hell those GU packets are filled, we're pretty darn sure you'll get giddy at the nerdiness you'll encounter at any of these Industry Visits.