The Only Pain is the Champagne (PCR 11/2/14)

The day opened up with the crispness of autumn and a big full sun. Our 40-rider peloton got after the ride with spirited legs, and we tackled some pretty good Marin bumps, including Big Rock and the beloved Marshall Wall. The roads contoured to their hills and the wind was brief and gentle. It really was the most perfect place and time for riding, and it was great to get such an amazing group of people together for this event.

Thanks to all the Peloton Club members that came out to make this thing so rad, to the folks from GU, Capo Cycling Apparel, and NICA for help lead the ride, and for Chad with SRAM NRS for being our superior roving support.

Morning side of the mountain (PCR 4/5/14)

Man, that couldn't have been any better.

Our group of 12 riders left from our Walnut Creek shop and headed for the hills. We got through the little rollers and then finally got to the gates of the pain cave that is Morgan Territory, where we rolled up our jersey sleeves, talked a little smack, and began up the mountain. Once we got to the top, Jeremy just about faded, but we brought him back to life with doughnuts and bananas while Jared (BG Fit Specialist) tweaked his bike to fit him a little better. Refueled, the group swooped down the mountain, where we were met by a parade of Cinderella riders filled with boas and sequins and tutus. It was us against them, and Scott and Rex and Greg lead the pack (minus Stephanie, who got lost in the whole whirlwind of it all) to the front for a solid breakaway all the way back to the shop.

Big thanks to Tom Casson for excellent SAG skills and for Jared, Dana, and Jeremy for being great ride leaders!


Photos courtesy of Dana Martin

Alpine Dam with Capo

We were surprised to see how many people snuck out of their warm beds to come battle the chilly Saturday morning with us, but there they were, at the doorstep of our Sausalito shop bright and early and ready to ride.

So we rode and rode, through Fairfax and up Bofax to Alpine Dam. A spirited gallop across Ridgecrest and a brisk descent down Pantoll brought us back to our starting point where cured meats, cheeses, and some bubbly yummies were awaiting us all. Pretty damn awesome.

Big thanks to Capo for helping lead the group and for providing excellent Italian treats afterwards!

Photo credit Chris "Donkey" Hobbs