Morning side of the mountain (PCR 4/5/14)

Man, that couldn't have been any better.

Our group of 12 riders left from our Walnut Creek shop and headed for the hills. We got through the little rollers and then finally got to the gates of the pain cave that is Morgan Territory, where we rolled up our jersey sleeves, talked a little smack, and began up the mountain. Once we got to the top, Jeremy just about faded, but we brought him back to life with doughnuts and bananas while Jared (BG Fit Specialist) tweaked his bike to fit him a little better. Refueled, the group swooped down the mountain, where we were met by a parade of Cinderella riders filled with boas and sequins and tutus. It was us against them, and Scott and Rex and Greg lead the pack (minus Stephanie, who got lost in the whole whirlwind of it all) to the front for a solid breakaway all the way back to the shop.

Big thanks to Tom Casson for excellent SAG skills and for Jared, Dana, and Jeremy for being great ride leaders!


Photos courtesy of Dana Martin